Cyber Patriot Task Force – Groups

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4th Communication: 

16th May 2019

Greetings, you must have seen my mail from yesterday. For easier working, we are creating four groups. 1) Policy Group 2) OT Group 3) BFSI Group and 4) Services Group. These would also be formed on WhatsApp. These groups can simultaneously work on their areas of expertise. All Cyber Patriots will be divided across these groups depending on their domain area. All key papers and inputs would be shared across groups. Since, my mail yesterday, I have received one paper from Dr. Anupam Saraph and another one from Dr. C. Muralikrishna Kumar of NITI Ayog. I am sending this message through the broadcast route. The message will be sent to everyone but the replies come only to me. In the 4 functional groups, all communication can be bi-directional. I will forward the inputs received in the following messages.


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