Modi Govt will release a new cybersecurity strategy early 2020

Prime Minister Narendra Modi government will release a new cybersecurity strategy by the end of this financial year with a view to protecting the country from the growing threat of cybercrimes both originating from inside the country and across the borders, National Cyber Security Coordinator Rajesh Pant said at the 58th SKOCH Summit here on Saturday.

Addressing the inaugural session of the Summit, Pant said: “by January or February next year new cybersecurity strategy will come out.”

He said the new policy is being prepared by the office of National Cyber Security Coordinator, which functions under the Prime Minister’s Office.

Currently, the cybersecurity issues in India is being guided by the policy released by the UPA government in 2013. Pant highlighted that a lot has changed in the cybersecurity space in the last six years and the new strategy would address the growing threats and challenges.

“A robust framework must come out. We have to be more and more cyber aware,” he added.

In his keynote intervention at the SKOCH Summit on the topic “Cyber Security Imperatives”, Pant said there is a need of focus on three broad issues – cyber strategy, data protection, and cybersecurity awareness.

Pant said another important area of focus is data localisation. “The government is in the process to decide what kind of data should remain in the country and what can be allowed to go out.”

The government has proposed Personal Data Protection Bill. The draft of the Bill was prepared in 2018 but could not be passed in the parliament in the first term of Modi government. The new Bill is likely to be presented in the Parliament soon, said Pant. The new policy would decide on how the personal data of individuals is being possessed and used by the government and private sector.

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